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Acclaimed astrologer Sachin Bholle has renowned and distinct place in great Indian science astrology because of his expertise with long successful experience.

Astrologer Bholle has pointed out Birth chart’s 30 to 35 variable but decisive factors for accurate prediction and discovered invaluable method of one by one calculations of these 30-35 factors to reach on most accurate level of prediction. Besides this, remarkable number of astrology’s key concepts has been successfully reinterpreted in scientific manner, with consideration of relevancy and practical applicability in this changing scenario of time

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Every man on Earth, have a unique mixture of specific energies that have controlled his all matters in past,have control at present and will control his all life in future.”-This is the fundamental of our Indian Astrology.
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Exact details are very important, when we go for accurate prediction because Calculations for any prediction are made on the base of the energies’ mixture, was present at moment of birth time on the place of birth, and this energies’ mixture is represents by charts like-Birth chart, Moon chart, Navmansa chart, Dasmansa chart in a structural way by chart’ 12 houses.
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General elections for Indian Govt has been over and results are in favour of Sh. Narendra Modi with huge majority to BJP and Sh. Narendra Modi has been sworn as India's PM. As the person of strong birh chart with immense power of planets, Sh. Modi will be counted as successful PM of India.
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